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Cleanse is a rich, all-natural shampoo that lathers up and gently removes dirt from the hair without stripping away its natural moisture. With a humectant component derived from aloe vera and other botanicals, Cleanse minimizes roughing the hair shaft, which can lead to fading, weakening and breakage – and enriches the hair’s natural oils to give hair its buoyant energy.

Reconstruct is the secret weapon in the trifecta of haircare. Protein-based, Reconstruct permeates the hair and reinforces it’s natural structure with both wheat and soy proteins and panthenol. . Strengthening, thickening, building, Reconstruct gives your hair a great big macro-dose of what it’s made of – creating superstrands that withstand breakage and boast extra volume, it helps your hair’s naturally regenerative processes maximize their potential for health and growth.

Moisture is the crowning glory, the delicious treat that follows a gentle cleaning and a powerful rebuild. Slather it on, let the shower steam it in and watch this botanical-infused hair conditioner turn up the softness, the shimmer and the glow. As easy as massage in, let it absorb and then wash away, Moisture is a high volume moisturizing product that makes your hair better, suppler than brand new – not only neutralizing the chemical residue of daily living, but providing a barrier to prevent to minimize toxic penetration.

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