About Rique


For decades, Rique has been the first choice for people seeking absolute and natural beauty and style. Whether Grammy-winning writer/artists Emmylou Harris, Dave Matthews and Sheryl Crow, business leaders like the BMI’s long-running chairman Frances Preston or saavy women who understand that starting with the right tools is all you need to look on top of the world, Rique believes in actualizing people’s best selves.

        “I know when you look inside people, there’s always great beauty,” says the man who believes in keeping things simple. “But you have to be willing to see it, and then you have to make it as easy on yourself as possible.”

        For a New Yorker, who divides his time between Nashville and Los Angeles, he has found pieces from his travels . And now they are available for anyone who wants the same kind of care some of People’s Most Beautiful People enjoy.

        It is all part of the plan of the man, whom many view as an artist himself, to make style accessible, reasonable and attainable to all who desire.