TenneCBD Formula Black 15ml or 30ml

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TenneCBD Formula Black 15ml or 30ml
TenneCBD Formula Black 15ml or 30ml
TenneCBD Formula Black 15ml or 30ml

Formula Black is our most potent formula and is made with a 99% + pharmaceutical-grade isolate- it contains 60 mg/ml of pure CBD and contains NO THC. This product is perfect for treating a variety of ailments but is particularly effective at treating joint pain, inflammation, and anxiety

30ml $150.00
Also Available in 5ml $30.00

Clean. Classic. Simply CBD.

Made with LabCanna CBD Isolate.

TenneCBD has arrived! Grown and manufactured by LabCanna exclusively in Franklin, TN with only the finest ingredients available, including our always consistent pure CBD isolate. TenneCBD was created to help bring a better, more consistent product to the masses without breaking the bank. Retailing at less than 1/2 the price of the competition, this is the product that you’ve been waiting for!

Stronger than Strong.

Packing 1800mg of pure CBD in every 30ml bottle, TenneCBD Formula Black is the most potent isolate product offered on and is among the strongest and purest tinctures in the world.

Pure & Simple.

TenneCBD Formula Black is made using LabCanna’s purest CBD isolate, the finest MCT oil available, and organic mint flavors.

3rd Party Lab Tested

In our effort to provide the purest, most effective products on the market, LabCanna provides 3rd party testing results from industry leading experts.

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